CANTERA – Object-Oriented Software for Reacting Flows

CANTERA – Object-Oriented Software for Reacting Flows

Cantera is a suite of software tools for reacting flow problems and thermodynamics analysis.


  • Thermodynamic and transport properties
  • Non-ideal equations of state
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Reactor networks
  • Steady 1D flames
  • Reaction path diagrams
  • Heterogeneous chemistry
  • Open source
  • Object-oriented
  • Multi-Platform
  • Available at

Cantera can be used from several popular programming / problemsolving environments. Interactive and scripting environments such as MATLAB and Python can be used for rapid problem solution and software prototyping. Cantera works with Fortran 90 and C++ for large-scale computation. Additional interfaces can be developed for any application that can call C functions (for example, Excel or Mathematica).

The Kernel

  • A C++ class library
  • Designed for performance:
    1. Property caching
    2. Virtual methods used sparingly
    3. Templates used to allow inlining at compile time
    4. Standard Template Library container classes used
    5. CPU-intensive code hand-optimized
  • Uses standard open-source numerical libraries ” BLAS, LAPACK, CVODE

Download Cantera binaries, source code and documentation.


Source Code:


Cantera Homepage
Cantera Sourceforge Project
Cantera User””s Group
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